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Dead Cells New Paid Expansion Fatal Falls To Launch Early Next Year
Dead Cells New Paid Expansion Fatal Falls To Launch Early Next Year

Dead Cells New Paid Expansion Fatal Falls To Launch Early Next Year

The Dead Cells, a roguelike action platformer video game, will get its second paid expansion, and it will be called Fatal Falls. And it is expected that the new expansion ‘Fatal Falls’ will arrive sometime in early 2021, and it will be available on PS4. Xbox One and PCs. 

The new expansion of ‘Dead Cells’ will feature two new biomes, new enemies, a new boss, plus brand new weapons. 

Dead Cells Developer Motion Twin revealed that a notable amount of new content would be added to the Dead Cells when it becomes available for just $4.99. The studio is currently rejoicing an important sales milestone, with Dead Cells reaching around 3.5 million sold copies.

The two new biomes will be called The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores, as the teaser revealed. In Fatal Falls, there will be a new boss that you will have to fight with this time. The new biomes are correspondences to the Stilt Village, Clock Tower, and Time Keeper areas and their substitute paths.

According to Motion Twin, These additions in the game will provide important new possibilities for fans looking for middle-run research and are brimming with new ways to succumb to an extremely unpleasant death. They also revealed that the fans could expect some new additions to the weapons as well; those will be revealed pretty soon.

Fatal Falls Launch Date and Prize

Dead Cells: The Bad Seeds were launched last February. Considering the Bad Seeds cost, we think that the new expansion Fatal Fall will cost somewhere around £4.49/ USD 4.99. It will be launched next year, but Motion Twin hasn’t revealed anything specific on the date and time, but we will hear from them soon.

Fatal Falls
Fatal Falls

New Update on Dead Cells

Later this month, Dead Cells will get a new update on PC. The update is said to be free. We will get a new weapon, mob, lore room, diet option, and some new skins from the update. Update 21 will be arriving in just a few weeks. And that will be followed by another year of content; according to its developers, they already have more than that in our heads. The studio also revealed that after the launch of Fatal Falls, they would continue to help support Dead Cells Game development.

So that was all the update we had on Fatal Falls; for more such interesting updates on your favorite show, movies, games, technology, stay tuned to MediaScrolls.

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