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PUBG Mobile Game Delaying For India Relaunch!!! Know What Are The Reasons Behind It 

PUBG Mobile and its PC counterpart have earned the tiled of the most playable game around the world within a few months of release. Soon the game was deleted from Indian markets knowing the Indo-China stretching relationship. But now, some articles spreading over the internet have claimed the game to be relaunched again soon.

The relaunch of the PUBG Mobile game in India has been the most anticipated game in the Indian gaming market. The game PUBG Mobile was banned for a few months as the  Indo-Chinese relations were not going well, and the outcome resulted in such news.

While so much distress is created between the countries, PUBG mobile might get a return soon. It’s even expected to have new features added for the gamers. To know the reasons for delaying the relaunch and when it will be launched, read the article till the end.

PUBG Mobile Game Releasing Updates For India 

PUBG Mobile

The official website opened up for PUBG mobile recently has updated that soon the game will be relaunched. Although this also has no official date for the game to launch. Some unknown articles over the internet have claimed that the game may release on 20th November 2020.

But after the date was passed, the players didn’t seem impressed with the release date got delayed once again as they are all anticipating the game. Some of them even assumed that the game might not relaunch. Not a confirmed reason is still concluded for the delay of the PUBG mobile game. But some rising points are coming up and are expected to be the reason behind the delay.

PUBG Mobile

Government official’s orders may be one of the reasons as government concerns are not provided for the game to release in Indian markets. We know that not a single app update or game can be easily adopted without any government concerns. So due to lack in it, the game might have been delayed. The other one might be that the teenage loved game was banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology by looking over the cybersecurity risks with the game.

The game developers might be working on this game’s security as it can’t be released again with such cyber risks. One more reason looking into this list can be that the Indian version of this game is developing some new effects for this game. Suppose the players’ outfit, green light for players, and more effects might be added to this game.

PUBG Mobile Game 

PUBG Mobile

The mobile game is available for android, but it’s is not working. It might get a relaunch date soon in this month. But for now, it might not get any green light for the game. Players are getting upset with such news as the game was very much lovable for the players. It has become an addiction, as well. We may expect that the game with its all-new features might come back soon for Indian markets. Till then, please stay connected with us for more updates regarding the relaunch of the PUBG mobile game.

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