Fall Guys Bring Forward A Whole New Season 3, With Some New Puzzles
Fall Guys Bring Forward A Whole New Season 3, With Some New Puzzles

Fall Guys Bring Forward A Whole New Season 3, With Some New Puzzles

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Mediatonic’s Fall Guys have driven fans on a simple test of unraveling a network puzzle. The objective? Getting a first gander at what is coming in Season 3 of Fall Guys. Three hundred fortunate Twitter clients who answered a tweet posted early today were sent a picture: one bit of a riddle. Fans have been working eagerly on Twitter and Discord to fit the pieces together.

Fall Guys Officially Reveals Season 3

Fall Guys: Season 3 might get revealed sooner than expected

Activity: Jig Sawus, the name of this little riddle experience, has fans meeting to tackle the riddle. Up until this point, the network hasn’t done awful! Each of the 300 pieces has been delivered to the wild, and even the distributer Digital Devolver got in on the good times. The distributer chastened the Fall Guys account, saying, “Our DMs are for business just, no #FallGuysSeason3 #JigSawus trickeries, please.” Included was one of the interconnecting pieces; however, it didn’t give a lot of help concerning what’s in store in Season 3.

Fall guys Season 3: Date of release

As per the in-game commencement, we’re expecting Fall Guys Season 3 to dispatch Monday, December seventh; that is the point at which the opening closes.

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Fall Guys Season 3: New Additions

While we have no solid data, we can anticipate the accompanying:

  • New Season Pass
  • New Costumes
  • New Stages

Fall Guys Officially Reveals Season 3 Theme and New Skins

Subject, Skins, and Costumes

Last season’s subject was Medievil and with it came numerous legendary and creative outfits to pack out your bean.

We also got many joint efforts, for example, the Untitled Goose Game – we’re sure more will show up in the new season.

This season, we’ll be getting a Winter subject with skins, for example, a Penguin and Snowman.

The Shop will probably be refreshed routinely to add new outfits to look over.


Fall Guys Season 3: Platforms on which you can play

Fall Guys is just accessible on PC and PS4 as of now, with the game being the most downloaded PlayStation Plus round ever.

We’re anticipating that new platforms should soon join this first-class club, with the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch up straightaway.

Cell phones will get the game later on, as China has just been allowed to build up a portable rendition called ‘Jam Bean Man: Ultimate Knock Out.’

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