One Piece Chapter 997 Release Date Announced and The Leaks Indicates Towards Some Major Developments in The Plot
One Piece Chapter 997 Release Date Announced and The Leaks Indicates Towards Some Major Developments in The Plot

One Piece Chapter 997 Release Date Announced and The Leaks Indicates Towards Some Major Developments in The Plot

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One Piece, Probably one of the most popular animes of all time, will soon reach its 1000th episode, and a lot of things are going on in the storyline. The war in Onigashima is continuing as we witnessed that everyone is now trying to fight the virus that is infecting people. An antidote is required immediately to stop the spread of the Virus. 

One Piece Chapter 996 Recap: What Happened in Chapter 996?

In the previous chapter of One Piece, i.e., Chapter 996 was titled “Island of the Strongest,” we first witnessed Usopp and Nami being saved by Tama. And later, Tama was able to get to Onigashima after hobbling a ride from an enemy’s ship. Yamato also saved Momonosuke and Shinobu as Sasaki’s group was chasing them. General Franky also made his appearance felt when Sasaki and Yamato were just about to fight. In turn, Number Eight attempted to kill Franky by forming a crater on the ground, and that is what Yamato utilized to find a way out from there with Shinobu and Momo.

Law also found a Poneglyph as he arrived at Wano by passing through the rear door as he used a distinct way from the Red Scabbards. On the other hand, Kaido was still fighting at the roof in his mortal form as he took on the scabbards then. Later on, Big Mom also made her presence felt as she told everyone that there was nothing to worry about as she wanted to be where Kaido was. Luffy and his allies also found their way to the roof when Sanji overheard some unidentified voice.

Spoilers For One Piece Chapter 997

As per the reports, Chapter 997 has been titled “Homura” or “Fireworks.” According to some educated guesses in the next chapter, Sanji will be caught by Black Maria. On the other hand, Zoro might finally defeat Apoo to get the antidote for the plague.

Zoro was furious when he saw Kiku’s arm descending from the sky as Kaido was responsible for that. Chopper, on the other hand, is also applying his head to produce an antidote that might cure everyone; he seems to progress really well. As he was able to discover the structure of the Queen’s virus, and we think that he will surely be able to develop an antidote for that.

One Piece Chapter 997
One Piece Chapter 997

Queen also tried to attack Chopper, but he failed as Zoro was also present to stop him. Yamato also said something about the Dragon Flame in chapter 997, which made the island rumbled. And lastly, in Chapter 997, we will see Kaido covering up the whole of the Island with a cloud as he plans to take Onigashima to the Capital of Flowers.

One Piece Chapter 997: When Will It Release?

Chapter 997 will be available from November 29, 2020, that is Sunday. The full spoilers might be expected to release two days before the release, so if we get any new major updates from those spoilers, we will update the above portion, i.e., the Spoilers section of our article. That was all the updates we had on One Piece, Chapter 997. For more such Anime News, Technology, movies, TV shows, and All the Entertainment related news, stay tuned to MediaScrolls. 

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