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Jallikattu - Malayalam Film Becomes India’s First Entry For Oscars 2021

Jallikattu – Malayalam Film Becomes India’s First Entry For Oscars 2021

Today from this article, we are sharing the movie details for the Malayalam film Jallikattu. The movie has been selected as the official Indian entry to Oscars 2021. The upcoming 93rd Academy Awards, 2021’s Best International Feature Film category, has selected Jallikattu.

Trade analyst Ramesh Bala assured this super hype news. Bala, from his official Twitter account, has tweeted that the movie from Lijo Jose Pellissery, #Jallikattu is India’s first entry for the Best International Film #Oscar category for 2021. This tweet confirmed the news of a Malayalam movie. A lot of queries has been aroused after this news started spreading. We are here to share the pieces of information and more from the movie Jallikattu. Read the article till the end, attentively. 

2019 Malayalam Movie Jallikattu Casts Members And Production 


The movie was released in 2019, and Lijo Jose Pellissery has directed the movie Jallikattu. The movie follows an action-adventure storyline in it, and S. Hareesh and R. Jayakumar worked on the screenplay. 

The movie is, in short, is based on the short story named Maoist by Hareesh. Movie stars well known Malayali actors in it. The characters’ names are Antony Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose, Sabumon Abdusamad, and Santhy Balachandran. Looking at the story, the casts of the movie fits very well for it.

The Storyline Of Jallikattu, Oscars 2021 Date Revealed And Much More 


The storyline of Jallikattu has hit the direct point of humanity in this world. The story revolves from the point where a buffalo suddenly got unlock from its yard. Soon after this incident, buffalo runs around the town and continues to destroy several human assets. As the buffalo is not easily catchable, people around the town started harming the buffalo. The hapless animal soon got injured and still got a lot of harm in his body.


The animal behavior towards the buffalo has been shown in the movie. The movie shows how humans treat animals or the level of humanity by injuring them. The film was earlier Internationally premiered for the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

Meanwhile, it’s a great achievement for India as well. We know, last year, Zoya Akhtar’s movie Gully boy was sent for Oscars from India. However, it failed to receive the prize.


We expect that Jallikattu must get some sincere response this time. The 2021 academy awards are going to be held on 25th April 2021 as this year was not a good option to organize such a big event on a huge level.

So it’s finalized for 2021. Well, we know only three movies to date have made their last nominations to Oscars. They are Mother India, Salaam Bombay, and Lagaan. So far, we just can expect that Jallikattu may get some more love and appreciation from there as well. Jallikattu showing the harsh reality of humanity is undoubtedly appreciable.

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