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Pokémon Go ‘Go Beyond’ Update Will Release On November 30, The Level Cap Now has Increased To 50

Pokémon Go ‘Go Beyond’ Update Will Release On November 30, The Level Cap Now has Increased To 50

Pokemon Go is releasing the latest update that will make its players very excited. Pokemon go is an all-time adventurous game and have earned more good ratings as well. The game will be bringing up a completely new season specification. It will be adding up some new Pokemon from the Kalos region as well. It’s even getting upgraded game features into it. 

To all the players waiting to know what’s going to be next in their Pokemon go upcoming season updates, we have shared this article. From this article, we are distributing all information available till now from the game Pokemon Go.

Update For Level Cap Incredibly It from 40 to 50!!

Pokemon Go
Pokémon Go ‘Go Beyond’

Pokémon Go will be updated for this year with all new features added to it. On 30th November 2020, the new update will raise the level cap from 40 up to 50. This is the current game system update from Pokemon go. With this, it will also enhance the better experience for players.

Players will be needed to complete the challenges to step to the next level. Somehow it also increases the player challenging capabilities for the game. Certain development for the display of this game is also made for this game.

Widely known as a real-world exploration game, the game has an amazing year while going through the pandemic too. As the game alone booked $1 billion in revenue for the early 10 months of the year. So it can be said that the game has completely managed the stage for itself.

Pokémon Go ‘Go Beyond’ Advanced Updates 2020

Pokemon Go

Niantic announced from its blog post that the new upcoming Pokemon go is going to be a thriller explosion of the year. It will be having a new updated feature known as seasons. Yes, the new updated Pokemon go will be providing players to play over seasons. It will be winter, summer, autumn, and rainy seasons. The game will be alternatively providing their own particular Pokemon for each level.

Excited!! players will be having seasonal Pokemon’s. For regions also, the Pokemon dress up and features are changed. The new update will have the challenges battling more for players. As the level cap has increased from 40 to 50, players who are professional and have reached 40 will be getting better experiences as well. It’s said that more features will be unlocked while reaching up next level. The seasonal variation is also the new addition for this upcoming game. Pokemon go will be officially available from 2nd December 2020.

After this date, the game will be Ava I Lê for the players with all-new advanced features inside it. After entering into the game, players will have a completely new version of the game where they can also find some extra features which aren’t revealed yet. Till then stay connected with us for more detailed updates on the game.

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