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One Piece Chapter 996 Release Date and Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 996 is the most awaited Chapter under the Shonen category, which will come out early this week, preferably on Friday, November 20. The manga chapter’s raw scans will be leaked online around two days before around Wednesday, November 18, but the spoilers can be leaked out on social media sites. But it is suggested to settle down a little for the release of the English version. The Chapter can be read for free on VizMedia, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus official websites, and it is advised to read it from there as it creates a better space for the creators.

One Piece Chapter 996
One Piece Chapter 996

One Piece Chapter 996: Spoilers

The Wano Arc is considered to be one of the most significant wars available in the Manga chapters in One Piece since it has so many characters present. The Nami scene can also be considered as a beautiful scene in terms of a character. Chopper is also supposed to have one such a gorgeous setting. Thus, the Manga will mainly focus on character development this time.

The ice poison will play a drastic role in deteriorating people’s lives, which would take a toll on Marco since he could not save them. But this also paved the way for Marco to become a better doctor. There have also been strong character moments by Strong Hats that work as the pillars in the Manga. It is also hoped that Oda would not be denied from his shares.

The third act of Wano is supposed to meet the end in this Chapter after being the longest act in every other Manga chapter. But some of the fans believe that this will be the last act of Wano but not the end of the other acts.

One of the major spoilers that have been revealed is about Big Mom leaving Marco. The only strong demonstration of Big Mom has been the Ikkoku sovereignty throughout the chapters. This current Chapter suggests that she has been hit, but her powers are still under control. It was tough to injure her in physical terms, so it was easy for her to dominate Marco like that. But to retain her power, she had to use fewer of them on Marco, which is why Marco got saved. Chapter 996 is mainly about Big Mom trying to keep her own powers and creating a motive to betray Kaido.

Also, Perospero, the eldest son of Big Mom, has a great deal of power and has a cunning ambition. Carrot is Pedro’s student, and it is not possible to defeat his own master because of the lack of his power. It was also impossible for him to defeat Perospero and Sulong as she lacked the training and experience.

The fight between Usopp and Nami is also put under question. Usopp has previously fought and defeated Choo, Perona, Sugar, Miss Merry Christmas, and Mister 4, who were all stronger than him in terms of power.

Similarly, Nami had also defeated Miss DoubleFinger, Califa, which shows how the straw hats are determined to beat physically more powerful enemies than them. Going ahead, Oda has shown how Usopp and Nami are the most dangerous opponents they have faced. Thus, it is expected that One Piece 996 will be a blast for all Manga lovers. For more such important updates on Anime, TV Shows, Technology and Games stay tuned To MediaScrolls.

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