Samsung and Xilinx Brings New Smart SSD Computational Storage Drive

Samsung and Xilinx Brings new Smart SSD Computational Storage Drive

Samsung and Xilinx collaborated to develop a new smart SSD computational Storage Drive with FPGA-based computing accelerator capabilities at Samsung’s Tech Day 2018. The prototype combining a Samsung SSD and Xilinx FPGA on PCle add-in card has been converted into a 4TB U.2 drive that has completed customer qualification and reached general availability. So, after adding on to something new and exciting to the industry. Samsung is happy to be in a partnership with Xilinx.

Samsung and Xilinx Brings new Smart SSD Computational Storage Drive
Samsung and Xilinx To Bring a new Smart SSD Computational Storage Drive.

Samsung and Xilinx: Role Played By The SSD CSD

The Samsung Smart SSD computational storage drive (CSD) is the first adaptational computational storage platform in the technological industry. It enunciates data-intensive applications by the range of 10X and more by pushing compute towards the present data.

A powerful toolkit present in the SmartSSD also helps buyers produce customized and scalable applications to solve a broad range of data-centric calamities. The CSD adds up the overall performance of the hardware acceleration with total programmability with the usage of  C, C++, and OpenCL as the languages.

The 4TB U.2 drive combines all the structures of one of the high-end PCle Gen3 enterprise SSDs along with FGPA, which is the second largest of all from Xilinx’s Kintex Ultrascale plus. It also promises a sequential read speed of 3,500 MB per second and a write speed of 3200 per second.
72GBps read rate of LZ4 compressed data provides blazing-fast performances and the line rate decompression from 24 Smart SSD CSDs in a single 2U server.

Xilinx Storage Services provides SSD CSD, which supports powerful offload capability, integrated with popular storage soft wares such as the dm-crypt and virtual data optimizer. It also helps remove PCI- Express bottlenecks, which produces near-linear performances that scale over a host CPU that is subscribed.

Thus, The Samsung Smart SSD CSD is being manufactured by Samsung and sold by Xilinx, initially with 3.84TB capacity but also available in other sizes. More more such interesting updates, stay tuned to MediaScrolls.

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