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Chicago P.D. Season 8 New Updates
Chicago P.D. Season 8 New Updates (via NBC)

Chicago P.D. Season 8 Released on NBC, Will be different this time

  • Chicago P.D. Season 8 premiered on NBC with its first episode ‘Fighting Ghosts’

  • In season 8, Samantha Miller and Voight will definitely butt heads

  • With the way the world is changing, the Police and their ways will also change

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Chicago P.D. Season 8 finally arrived, and fans are relieved to have their favorite characters back in action. At one time, it seemed like the show would eventually be pushed back to 2021 for season 8’s release; however, the team worked exceptionally well to get the ball rolling. The production was stopped to combat the pandemic, and before it even started, the crew had an intensive meeting in which they discussed the direction season 8 would be heading in.

Concerning the recent issues between the public and the police department, the team discussed the cop portrayal in season 8 of Chicago P.D. According to the executive producer, Rick Eid, the eighth season “honestly and realistically” address all the issues and concerns.

Chicago P.D. Season 8 Welcomes Nicole Ari Parker On Board:

Chicago P.D. Season 8 Release Date
Chicago P.D. Season 8: Reform will take place (via NBC)

Season 8 will get very intense soon, as Voight and Samantha Miller cross paths. Samantha Miller, played by Nicole Ari Parker, is the newest entry into the series. The Deputy Superintendent makes her arrival noticed, and given her serious high status, things will get volatile when Voight enters into the play. 

In an interview with TV Guide, Eid revealed that Miller and Voight would butt heads for sure, but both have mutual respect for one another. He added,

Their relationship is antagonistic but cordial. Unlike the other bosses in Voight’s life, Nicole’s character actually wants Voight to succeed. She views him as an ally.

Eid also revealed that the show’s intelligence procedures would be a bit different. According to him, the show will try to represent all its characters in an ‘honest’ and most ‘realistic’ way possible. Keeping up with the ever-changing world, the way Police perform their duties will change as well, and Eid is hopeful that Chicago P.D. Season 8 will succeed in reflecting ‘the current state of our society honestly and realistically.’

Also, regarding season 8’s direction, LaRoyce Hawkins told ET that the team is doing their best to portray how people operate in real life in case of the pandemic or any other social cause. He added every character would tell their ‘personal truth.’ Speaking of his character, Kevin Atwater, he revealed that in season 8, Kevil would have significant responsibility up ahead. Apart from being the respected officer that he is, being a Black man, he also has to be true to his culture and his beliefs.

Chicago P.D. Season 8 was released on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, at 10/9c on NBC. The first episode was titled ‘Fighting Ghosts,’ and season 8 is expected to feature 20-22 episodes. 

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