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Xbox Series X Launch Date and Timings: All You Need to Know

  • The Xbox Series X will be released on 10th N November 2020

  • It will be available on GameStop, Walmart, and other retail stores

  • Currently out of stock on Amazon; New delivery date revealed

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Finally, the much-awaited day of this year for gamers worldwide has arrived. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will enter into the market today (10th November 2020), and fans can’t wait to have their hands on the next-gen console. However, things are not as easy as it seems; the product’s low stocks might render more delays for some customers.

The device will arrive with its other counterpart, Xbox Series S, and it will be a tough choice for the gamers to choose between the two. And to make the issue even more challenging, Sony’s PS5 will arrive two days from today, i.e., on 12th November 2020. The big clouds of the dilemma will engulf the gamers, and to choose between either of the consoles will be the toughest part.

Nonetheless, there are countless videos on the internet regarding the consoles and their performances, and more will be coming down the line that will ultimately help you make a decision.

Xbox Series X and Series S Launch Date and Timing

The Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X (via Microsoft)

With that being said, one interesting development has come up, and if sources are correct, Microsoft hasn’t set any particular time for the release of Xbox Series X. It would mean that the stores and retail partners will have their freedom to launch the console at any time, comfortable to them. GameStop will launch the console as early as 7 AM ET; however, buyers would have to be highly vigilant. 

The initial number of consoles is too low, so it will be an issue. The official statement from GameStop read:

We’ll have a very limited number of Xbox Series X and S console bundles for purchase at this evening, and in stores for tomorrow’s launch.

Walmart’s Xbox Series X sale will go live at 12 PM ET. Their official tweet read

The start of a new generation is almost here! The @Xbox Series X | S will be available only ONLINE on November 10 at 12 PM ET. #XboxSeriesX

In India, we still don’t know the specifics of the releases, as Xbox Series X is currently unavailable on Amazon. On the other hand, Xbox Series S is available, but with low stocks, so you need to hurry before the consoles are sold out. Flipkart has yet to provide any details regarding the sale of the next-gen consoles; however, we expect them to announce soon.

Xbox Series X Sold Out on Amazon?

However, fans who have pre-ordered the console on Amazon might have already received the disappointing news. The console’s delivery has been delayed for some customers, and the delay can persist as late as 31st December 2020.

According to Amazon’s official statement, they are expecting to receive ‘more inventory’ between November and December. The other half of their message read”

At this time, we anticipate that you will receive your Xbox Series X by 12/31 or before.

The situation is very volatile for gamers worldwide. The Holiday season seems to be perfect for gifting yourself the major upgrade; however, unlucky fans might have to wait for more to get their share. We will keep you posted on the latest updates on the next-gen consoles, so stay tuned to us for more details.

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