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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 12 Titled ‘Going Dark’ Will Going To Launch On November 12

Just a couple of days are left before Call Of Duty Season 11 and end, and for many, this was the best anniversary celebration to date. So, as the season 11 Battle pas will end in a couple of days now, this is the perfect time for Call of Duty Mobile Season 12 leaks.

Although, Call of Duty Mobile had not opened a server like before as they used to do in previous seasons. Recently, Call of Duty has revealed a 10-second video teaser for the upcoming season 12 and announced the title for the forthcoming season.

The Upcoming Season of Call of Duty Season 12 has been titled ‘Going Dark’ the 10-second teaser that was released featured popular COD characters like Captain Price and Ghost together. The season is said to bring exciting new battle pass, soldiers, new emotes, battle skins, and, as the new title suggests, we will be able to witness dark mode in season 12.

Here is the Teaser Trailer of Call Of Duty Mobile

Activision revealed that a new MP map from the upcoming CODM season 12 map would be called ‘Hackney Yard.’ Those who have played Modern Warfare will know that the Hackney Yard map is played in two settings, the first version of the map will be set in the day, and the second one will be set at night. Apart from that, two more maps, Crash and Summit, will also be in night mode in the next season.

Although Activision keeps on including new features in the CODM throughout the season and now they have announced that in season 12 of CODM, they will also add two new weapons. However, we don’t know the design of these new weapons, but we are sure it will be somehow related to the Season 12 theme.

Call of Duty has also confirmed that the new battle royale pass for the forthcoming season will be called “Refitter.” Twitter also suggests that gamers will be able to fight by “gearing up on those shield plates” that they can access and their entire squad.

Apart from the above leaks, we have also managed to gather some more updates on the upcoming season of CODM. It will have significant additions such as Heartbeat Sensor in MP that will be available in the Warzone map, and it will be very much useful during the heat of the battle. One more update we have is the CODM season 12 will also feature night-vision goggles, which will be helpful in Crash, Summit, and Hackney Yard maps as these maps now will also be available in night mode this time.

Call of Duty Season 12: When Will It Release?

The exact release date for the Call Of Duty Mobile Season 12 has not been revealed yet, but it is easier to speculate that season 12 will be available from November 12, 2020. Season 11 will end on November 11, 2020, so the next season is expected to start the next day.

The next update is an exciting one for the gamers with a new map, new weapons, new equipment, a legendary character, new gun skins, and more features that will add an element of a twist to the game. According to our assumptions, the season 12 update will be much bigger and better than the current season.

So that is all the updates we had on Call Of Duty Mobile Season 12; for more such updates on Games, Tv Shows, Movies, and Technology, Keep Following MediaScrolls.

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