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Watch Dogs: Legion new bug issue (via Ubisoft)
Watch Dogs: Legion new bug issue (via Ubisoft)

Watch Dogs: Legion – ‘Bug’ Wiping Game Progress

What’s up, gaming geeks and peeps? Welcome to MediaScrolls. I hope and pray that you all are well mentally and physically amidst this pandemic. In today’s article, we will be talking about the game Watch Dogs: Legion and why it has become every gamer’s headache recently.

Watch Dogs: Legions is one of those games that came out in this unprecedented and unpredictable year. It is the third installment of the titled franchise, which is an action-adventure game series developed and published by Ubisoft.

The game is a sequel to 2016’s Watch Dogs 2 and is set in a fictionalized timeline in the future. The location is London, where a hacker group named DedSec tries to clear their names off a series of bombing incidents that are impacting the city. Additionally, the hacker group is also trying to liberate the citizens viz. the help from a private military company.

The issue with Watch Dogs: Legion

The game series is fantastic, but recent reports regarding the game have highlighted the frustration of the gamers suggesting the presence of a game-breaking bug in the PC version, which is corrupting the save files and is deleting the gamer’s progress in the game. It is utterly disappointing as the gamer has to start the game from the beginning again.

Watch Dogs: Legion
Watch Dogs: Legion new bug issue (via Ubisoft)

Apart from this issue, gamers have also detected a character generation mistake or a flaw in the system of random character generation, which leads to a casual, unintentional creation of a sex offender in the streets of London.

The game has this recruiting system of taking a random non-player character from London’s streets and then turning them into a playable character in the game.

Of course, doing it manually for every citizen of London is a hefty task; hence Ubisoft has built an algorithm inside the game that saves the player from putting futile effort and generates NPCs into playable characters automatically in the background.

However, this automatic system is unsupervised, which leads to the combination of two incompatible traits, such as creating a pediatrician who has a relationship with the patient. But it sure does populate the game with unique NPCs.

Coming back to the bug issue, this game-breaking bug was first detected by Reddit users StandsForVice and PhilixDextro (Ubisoft Forum Member). They reported that there is a presence of a bug that corrupts the save files of the game, and when those save files are used to load the progress, it crashes the game till the files become unplayable. Here’s the post:

Watch Dogs: Legion Release Date, Pre-Order and All You Need to Know

Watch Dogs Legion currently has a save-corrupting bug that is affecting a large number of players. from Games

There is also no option to manually save the game and place them in a separate slot. The game automatically saves progress, and hence when they become corrupt, the player has to start from the beginning.

Other gamers have already started investigating the issue, with some of them pointing at “multithreading,” “home menu freezing,” and “manually quitting using a hotkey” as the reason behind the bug.

Game developers from Ubisoft have already started diving into the issue along with gamers but haven’t found a solution yet. Gamers are also looking for uncorrupted save files on the internet to continue with the game’s storyline.

As we all know, finding solutions to a game’s bug is not that simple. It requires a lot of extra work to overpower the bug. It is up to Ubisoft on how quickly they would attend to the situation; otherwise, it may reflect badly on the reviews of one of their blockbuster game series franchises.

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