The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Is Expected To Release On July 2021. Here is Release Date, Plot, and Cast Details

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Is Expected To Release On July 2021. Here is Release Date, Plot, and Cast Details
The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Is Expected To Release On July 2021

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Netflix leaped first into the exclusive anime game ” The Seven Deadly Sins,” purchasing English-streaming rights to one of Japan’s most popular series. This show is adapted from the popular manga, carrying the same name, which is usually published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. The series is mainly about a band of disgraced knights, popularly known as the Seven Deadly Sins, who are mainly on an action-packed fantasy adventure through a similar faux Medieval European setting, the world of Britannia. Netflix had released its first season containing 24 episodes on November 1, 2015. After the 4th season release during August, there has been a huge demand for the Season 5 release date.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5: When Will It Release

The series was supposed to be launched in October 2020 in Japan. The ongoing pandemic has shifted the date for a further release. The October release date suggested that in July 2021, Netflix would host this show for its English fans. But as for Netflix, which automatically takes 3 to 4 months late for releasing the series, it is expected that the series would appear by the end of 2021.


Written and designed by Nakaba Suzuki, season 5 of the mega-series is mainly about the second holy war. The clans of Goddesses, fairies, giants, and humans are ready to fight against the demon clan. Estarossa, the head of the demon clan, has captured Princess Elizabeth, and a new team is formed to go for the battle.

The love commandment of the plot has not been discovered yet. Ban-ki-moon is all set to find the real melody in the purgatory to return himself to Britain, amidst all the wars and crimes. The survival of the Seven Sins is only guaranteed out there. A plot twist is expected once all watch the show.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Cast

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5
The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Cast Details

The show stars Yuki Kaji and Bryce Papenbrook, along with Meliados. Misako Kuno and Christina Valenzuela voice the favorite Hawk and Sora Amamiya. They also voice the characters of Elizabeth and Erika Harlacher. Aoi Yuki and Erica Mendez play the role of Diane and June Fukuyama. Max Mittleman plays the role of the king and Mamoru Miyano. Robbie Daymond voices Glithunder in the show.


The disgraced Holy Knights of Liones have been nicknamed the Seven Deadly Sins. They are framed for a murder they did not commit and were ordered to scatter away from each other. In the beginning, Meliodas is cooking awful food when Elizabeth Liones seeks help for him because of a full-blown coup that has taken place.

Meliodas supports her by suggesting that he would help, which slowly brings the group of knights together. They face the Ten Commandments’ brutalities, the demon clan where each possesses a nearly invincible power. The Seven Deadly Sins consists of Ban, the immortal bandit, who is apparently immortal. He is an elite fighter with the special ability of the Snatch.

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Merlin, the Crafty Sorceress, is a magical prodigy whose greatest magical power is the Infinity spell.
Diane, the gentle giant, is the first member whom Meliodas seeks to bring the group together. Gideon is the sacred hammer that is possessed by her since she is 50ft tall. It gives her primal grip over her ability known as Creation, where she could create tremors or make mountains move.

Gowther, the action figure, is a doll discovered by the Princess of Lione, Nadia. He is a part of the Seven Deadly Sins, disguised in bulky armor. His greatest weapon is the Invasion ability.

The fairy lord was the king of fairies who had lost his memory when an evil human killed him. He becomes a Holy knight, and his special abilities are to read minds. His real power comes with his natural magic and enchanted Chestiefol, which brings out the disaster ability.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Is Expected Arrive In July 2021
The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Is Expected To Arrive In July 2021

Desire, the one who cannot be bothered, is one of the toughest of the ten commandments. She is a brutal hand to hand fighter. She can sacrifice six of her hearts to form herself as Indura when she is badly attacked.

Monspeet is Dereiri’s frequent suave companion. He is much of a gentlemen demon, surprisingly, who thinks before acting. He is a master at different fire blazed magic, such as Hellblaze, which prevents immortal regeneration. The Trickstar helps him to switch his character into similar sizes.

Drole is the gentle giant king who is the most physically powerful existing character in the series. He is feared but is respected by his own community because of his relationship with the Holy Earth. His main strength is that he can push off Diane, who is also one of the most powerful giants. He has the endurance and ability to absorb any punishment. He can massively terraform huge territories in an instant to construct intricate structures. His special dance reflects his connection with the Earth, and his one special eye enables him to read thoughts.

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Gloxinia is the first fairy king who fights against the demons in the holy war. After his sister’s death, he feels betrayed and joins the Ten Commandments as a demon. His powers are similar to the King but are stronger. He can also combine his activities with the Drole, who can mix rocks and plant forms to create prisons and monsters. His power is present in his spear, the Basquias, which helps him to read and fly.

Zeldris is the one who is calm and composed. He is the son of the demon king and the captain of Ten Commandments. He is the brother of Meliodas and is equally strong. He has access to Hellblaze that nullifies the regenerative powers of his toughest foes. His Piety commandment curses any who turn their back on him to serve him. His go-to power is Ominous Nebula. It makes his already superhuman strength and speed even deadlier by creating a maelstrom that sucks in his opponents, allowing him to slice them at incalculably fast speeds.

Meliodas, who is cheerful as sunshine but also harbors the dark secrets of his past. Long ago, he was the Demon King’s forces leader but abandoned them when he fell in love with a Goddess named Elizabeth. He can use Hellblaze like other demons, nullifying the regenerative abilities of his opponents. In terms of physical fighting, his Kami Chigiri allows him to slash a thousand times instantly.

His calm demeanor in combat confuses and enrages his opponents, but all he cares about is making sure that his friends are safe. His greatest ability focused and was accentuated by his sword Lostvayne. When a magical being unleashes an assault on him, Full Counter shields him from the magic’s effects and reflects them at the opponent with much greater force.

Thus, with such powerful characters, it is quite understandable why fans are desperate for the release of a Season 5. The Seven Deadly Sins can thus be considered one of the much-awaited anime series this year.

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