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Apple AirPods Pro Earbuds With Sound Problems Will Be Replaced By Apple For Free

If you have bought AirPods Pro earbuds from Apple and it got damaged due to some reasons, or they do not sound the same as they used to be earlier, don’t worry, the American Multinational company Apple now has decided that they will fix your Airpods for free now.

 After the Airpods received tons of negative feedback from the users, the company has now finally accepted its flaws on the design of Airpod Pro and now are willing to change or fix any Airpods that may have been damaged due to some reasons or not sounding the same as before. 

Apple launched a dedicated page on its support site announcing the AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues, including all AirPods Pro models made before October 2020. According to this support page, a tiny portion of these AirPods Pro may have some sound issues. Apple stated that these impacted models might show one of these issues mentioned below.

Apple Airpods Pro Earbuds
Apple Airpods Pro Earbuds

Issues with Apple Airpods Pro Earbuds

  1. Crackling or static sounds that get increased in noisy surroundings during exercises or maybe while speaking with someone on the phone.
  2. Many of the customers also complained about the noise cancelation not working correctly, such as a loss of bass sound or increased background sounds such as street or airplane noises.

So if you are reading this article and your Apple Airpods Pro falls under the covered program, don’t worry. All you have to do is take your faulty Airpods to an Apple store or some authorized apple service providers, and they will test your Airpods, and if there is any defect found, they will either fix it or else they will replace your Airpods with a new one. This policy is applied for Airpod Pro Models, and it remains for two years after you buy the Airpod Pro. This exchange program won’t extend your warranty coverage, though it is applicable worldwide; still, this won’t extend to the earbud’s standard warranty coverage. 

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