AMD RX 6000

AMD RX 6000 Series to Battle against Nvidia’s RTX 3000s

Last Updated on February 13, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Hello there, welcome to MediaScrolls, and in this article, we will discuss the launch of the upcoming graphic card series from the house of AMD – the AMD RX 6000 and how it will fare against Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series

Ah, a post on Graphic cards or, in more technical terms, ‘Display Adapters.’ So many emotions are connected to those two words(only for hardcore PC gamers. Not for anyone else). It excites the very breed/species of gamers. We don’t need chocolate puddings, international holiday trips, or expensive vehicles to shift our attention. Just speak these two magical words, and our entire focus shifts. Those of you who have spent their childhoods playing videogames on consoles will never understand what aura this mesmerizing product carries.

If I’m speaking to my fellow PC gamers, then we all know who are the heavyweights in the field of Graphic Cards. Nvidia GeForce and AMD – The two tech giants who are a conglomerate in the large-scale production of computational electronic gadgets such as microprocessors and display adapters.

AMD RX 6000
Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series that launched on 1st September 2020.

Seriously, there’s just nothing beyond these two. The companies have made their own distinct identities in the tech market, with Nvidia most popularly known for its high-performing and durable graphic cards and AMD, known for its fast, stable, and affordable processors, though it also manufactures graphic cards.

Both of them often go head-to-head against one another as to whose product would rule the world of gaming and motion graphic designing. The current competition is regarding Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series against AMD’s upcoming RX 6000 series graphic cards. Both are benchmark GPU series providing seamless, ray-tracing gameplay with a high fps rate at 4K or 8K resolution. PCs built with such GPUs are the ultimate gaming setups that are even more powerful than next-gen consoles.

AMD RX 6000
AMD’s RX 6000 series that will be launching in December 2020.

AMD RX 6000 vs. Nvidia RTX 3000

Before launching the RX 6000s next month, AMD has published additional benchmarks to see how they fare against the performing RTX 3000s of Nvidia.

The performance was tested based on the gameplay of 10 highly graphical marquee videogames, including Doom EternalCall of Duty – Modern Warfare(2019 version), and Resident Evil 3. The performance test was conducted inside AMD’s labs under 4K and 1440p resolution and graphics settings of DirectX 12 or the Vulkan API.

The subject GPU here is the AMD RX 5900, which will release on 5th November 2020.

For some games like The Division 2Doom EternalCall of Duty – Modern Warfare(2019 version), and Forza Horizon 4, the RTX 3000 series outperforms the RX 6000s. Here’s the proof from AMD’s official website:

All Credits: AMD

Whereas, for other games such as Resident Evil 3, the AMD RX 6000 series outperforms all the other cards that compete in the test. Here’s the proof:

All Credits: AMD

AMD RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT would be the first to go out on the sale, with the former costing around $579 and the latter costing around $649. Both go on sale on 18th November 2020.

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