The Good Doctor Season 4 Streaming Starts The Doctors Jumps Post-COVID World Early in the Show
The Good Doctor Season 4 Streaming Starts The Doctors Jumps Post-COVID World Early in the Show

The Good Doctor Season 4 Premiere Starts The Doctors Jumps Post-COVID World Early in the Show

Last Updated on September 24, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

The Good Doctor Season 4 will begin with a whole new set of challenges. The residents of St. Bonaventure Hospital are expected to be the frontline workforce to treat COVID-19 patients. Yes, you heard it right; in season 4, we will witness the doctors treating patients with COVID-19, and it is expected that the medical drama will mostly show a post coronavirus world.

The main lead, Doctor Shawn Murphy, will now deal with his newfound peace with his personal life as Lea’s boyfriend will also supervise a group of first-year residents. As the show will show that doctors will treat the COVID patients in the new season, we might expect to see some problems in Shaun and Lea (played by Paige Spara).

Shaun mainly struggles to adapt to something that generally is not prepared for his mind. So these COVID-19 episodes, we think with this massive uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic reaching St.

Bonaventure, he will have to pick up stuff and learn by himself as he will not be all prepared himself this time like he usually does most of the time. In the new season, Shaun has to be more reliable on his instinct instead of his scientific fact, and as the show will showcase the early days of the pandemic.

What do we think of Shaun and Lea’s Relationship?

Well, it is surely going to be a challenge for Shaun, but the most important thing is that now Shaun and Lea is in a more mature relationship in the early days; we have witnesses Shaun Lea or Shaun and Carly dating and having fun figuring out what they most like about each other and whether they wanted to be with one another in the long term. In season 4 as well, we will witness Shaun and Lea. They are exploring and deepening their bond with one another, so it will be interesting to see how the relationship between these turns out at the end of Season 4. 

The Good Doctor Season 4 Stills
The Good Doctor Season 4 Stills

The first two episodes of season 4 will mainly focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, so in the first two episodes, we might witness Shaun staying separated from Lea to keep her safe by isolating himself so that the virus does not get spread.

David Shore also stated about the first two episodes of The Good Doctor Season 4 he said

These first two episodes will mainly stand on their own, not completely. We will carry stuff forward. The impact that these two episodes will have on our characters individually will be carried forward further in season 4. But in episode 3 will pick up a little while after these events, and it will pick up in a world which is not the world we are living in right now; this will be a world that is past-COVID. We’re also a little bit concerned that as we don’t want people to watch the show and think, ‘Oh, The Good Doctor is completely supporting people not wearing masks inside. But as a matter of fact, we also want the stories we’re portraying to stand on their own so that it does not get overshadowed by this pandemic. We wanted to deal with, shall we say, smaller human stories, but very real, very powerful, and very emotional“.

Shaun will be Supervising a Bunch of first-year residents this year.

Well, if you want to see Shaun being bossy for the first time, then season 4 is what you have been waiting for as in this season, Dr. Shaun Murphy will take care of the new residents as he will be teaching them how to interact with patients and how to deal with a medical emergency and specific situations as well. And that’s what we think will be a great arc for Shaun as this season we might finally see him let go of the control as he won’t be able to supervise anything on what the residents will do from here on. He mainly perseverates on an idea and gets fixated on stuff, so it will be quite difficult for him to resist the temptation of doing the work for someone else rather than teach them how to do it.

Good Doctor Season 4: When will it Premiere? 

The Good Doctor Season 4 Streaming will start from Monday, November 2, 2020, one of the first two episodes that handle the COVID pandemic and then moves past the Season 4 premiere will start on Monday, November 2 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. New episodes will continue airing each Monday at 10 p.m. ET. 


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