Kingdom Chapter 660 leaks teases an Interesting Chapter [Spoilers]

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In this article, we will discuss a manga series, Kingdom, and updates related to its Kingdom Chapter 660. The anime series has been written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. The manga was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump since 2006. 

The manga has 59 published volumes to date. An anime series of the same title has been adapted from the manga by studio Pierrot. The anime has a total of 3 seasons to date. It has been licensed for an English-language release by Funimation.

The manga is a fictionalized arc of the historical Warring States Period of Central Asia, which mainly comprised the state of China back then. Kingdom primarily takes us through the life journey of the then military general Li Xin.


Xin and his friend Piao were born in Qin during the Warring States Period, and both of them were war-orphans. They worked as servants in a poor village but always dreamt of becoming ‘The Greatest Military Generals of the World’ and serve their nation.

They also trained daily to fulfill their dream when one fine day, Piao was escorted to the King’s palace by a minister of the state. He never returned after that until a few months later when he revisits the village, but this time is physical condition is next to death, and in those dying moments, he warns Xin and the villagers to leave the village because of an invasion was at their doorstep.

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The manga and the anime primarily take us through the life journey of the then military general Li Xin.

Xin takes Piao’s advice and escapes to the neighboring village, finding a villager who looked exactly like Piao. He discovers that it is none other than the King of Qin Ying Zheng, who escaped to save himself from his blood-thirsty half-brother Cheng Jiao. He used Piao as his body-double to conceal his escarpment.

Xin gets really angry at Zheng for using Piao in his plan and then leaving him to die. However, he swallows his anger and helps Zheng take back his throne as the King of Qin. He is immediately enlisted into Qin’s army, where he trains hard every day and ultimately becomes the ‘Greatest General in the World’ unifying China for the first time in 500 years.

Kingdom Chapter 660 Release Date and Spoilers

Chapter 660 of the manga hasn’t even been released, and the spoilers about it are out already. The manga chapter would be releasing on 14th November 2020. Sources say that Create and Gouhoumei are turning out to be successful in plotting the demolition of the CHU headquarters. Consequently, the CHU headquarters is being destroyed by the joint armed forces of Qin and Wei.

CHU officials are in a state of shock as to how they got defeated by the joint forces. Gouhoumei and Tou, while they were planning, had ordered every soul to be on the battlefield except the gatekeeper, and that fetched them the victory they wanted.

Meanwhile, the GenU armed forces informed their leader to turn their attention towards Jukou. GenU informs the same by delivering a message to Kouyoku and Hakurei. Kouyoku and Hakurei now get a possibility for an actual victory with reports on withdrawal being sent to Sentou. Sentou now clearly sees that his tactics are in disarray and that he needs to restart. Hence, he keeps his head down for a while and advises Moubu to last as early as they can so their military troops can return together.

Moubu disagrees with Sentou and sticks to continuing the assault for doling out the retribution right then and there. Sentou leaves the field, and Moubu continues his assault with the Man-U forces clearing grounds and covering squares for him. At the Qin headquarters, there is a celebratory mood for achieving victory as most of the kingdoms were withdrawing from the war. Meanwhile, Jukou plans on colluding with Moubu and the Man-U forces to salvage retribution.

Kingdom is currently streaming on Netflix with all three seasons available. For more info and updates on Kingdom and other anime/manga titles, keep an eye on this column, and stay tuned to us.

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