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PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 – Sony’s Trademark Issue Resolved in India

Hello gaming geeks and peeps, welcome to MediaScrolls, and today we will be discussing Sony’s latest product, i.e., their gaming console – the PlayStation 5, and when will its sale start in India? 

Sony unveiled its latest gaming console this year, after seven years compared to its predecessor, i.e., the PlayStation 4 that was released in 2013. The brand new console layout was disclosed at the PS5 unveiling event, which took place in June this year.

Fans and members of the gaming community worldwide were bewildered by its stunning looks, and to add to the insanity were its mind-blowing specifications and features, to which the predecessors couldn’t compare. 

The PlayStation 5 has been set for pre-order formalities outside India in online shopping platforms, especially on Amazon, where the product was listed way ahead of any other site. 

The pre-booking had to be stopped right after a few hours of its start as there was crazy demand for the console. Amazon’s server crashed because it surpassed its user engagement limit, as so many people were crowding on the site to take a glimpse of the PS5. 

Sony’s PS5 Trademark Issue Resolved 

With such high demand worldwide, the console is bound to be sold in India too; however, Sony couldn’t bring forth the pre-booking formalities as a lawsuit had been filed against the company by Hitesh Aswani, who is a resident of Delhi. 

The lawsuit was related to a Trademark dispute, and it was prohibiting the sale of the gaming console in the Indian market. Aswani filed the case in 2019 due to which Sony could not acquire the Trademark license, which is essentially required for goods to be traded and sold on Indian soil. 

In 2020, Sony backfired against Aswani with a countersuit that saw Aswani back-off from the case, after which he stepped down. Detective Gaming first reported the incident, and there it was stated that Aswani had filed a case against Sony under the trademark application number ‘4332863.’ 

Just one year later, Sony countersued the case under the Trade Marks Act of 1999, which guarantees registration and protection of trademarks for goods and services. This backfiring forced Aswani to withdraw the case and clear the road for Sony to sell their PS5 smoothly in India. The date of sale in India will be announced soon, so keep an eye on this column for further updates.

PlayStation 5 - Sony's Trademark Issue Resolved in India
The entire PlayStation 5 gaming console along with all its accessories that will be simultaneously available in the Indian market.

Sony has also declared the pricing of PS5 that it will uphold for the Indian market. The PlayStation 5 will come in two variants, i.e., with a CD drive(regular edition) and without a CD drive(digital edition). 

The regular edition will cost Rs. 49,990, and the digital edition will start its pricing from Rs. 39,990 onwards. Along with that, Sony also announced the pricing of PS5 accessories. Here’s the pricing list:

  • The DualSense PS5 Controller – Rs. 5,990
  • The PS5 HD Camera – Rs. 5,190
  • The Pulse 3D Headphones – Rs. 8,590
  • The Media Remote – Rs. 2,590
  • The DualSense Charging Station – Rs. 2,590.
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