“FAU-G” – The Indian PUBG is releasing this November


Last Updated on February 13, 2021 by Amrit Chatterjee

Multiplayer gaming is the new normal now. It has become the brand new definition of the very profession or the hobby of playing videogames. The gaming community isn’t the same as it used to be a few years ago. Gaming has evolved beyond its single-player mode, and multiplayer mode is the new way to have fun as players team up with their friends.

Many such titles have come up that provide the essence of multiplayer gaming such as, FortnitePUBGCounter-Strike, etc. but in this piece, we will be talking about the upcoming Indian multiplayer game: FAU-G, its release date, and details regarding other updates as well.

FAU-G is an up and coming title of the multiplayer action genre and is the first battle royale mobile game developed by India. Yes, the other titles are OK but let’s be honest and agree with the reality that the way PUBG MOBILE has gathered attention, no other game has ever achieved that feat. India is one of the primary reasons behind the PUBG market base’s skyrocketing as the game is heavily popular among the country’s youth population. So much so that lots of young teenagers have even made a career out of it as a ‘gamer.’

But as every good thing must come to an end, due to disputes breaking out between India and China, the game was banned from the country as Chinese company Tencent Games had their stakes in the game. The country’s youths suffered a huge blow due to this. 

Many had even started earning big bucks by live-streaming the game on various media and even winning competitions on the game hosted by its developers. But something came as a relief as it was announced that the country would have its own PUBG-style game. Titled ‘FAU-G,’ the game would be PUBG’s substitute and would also promote the PM’s ‘Atmanirbhar’ campaign.

FAU-G – Fearless And Armed Guards Release Date

The game FAU-G has been developed by nCore Games, an up and coming Bengaluru-based game development company promoted by the internet entrepreneur Vishal Gondal. The game was also endorsed by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar in his Twitter account a few months ago. 

FAU-G is launching in November 2020. The developers have already tweeted a post, attaching the official trailer of the game. Here’s the tweet:

The game has been severely inspired by its ruling predecessor PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround) Mobile and will represent players in the form of army soldiers. 

Even though the game is not officially sponsoring the Indian Army, it pays respect and tribute to the brave Indian soldiers who fight external threats at the country’s borders to keep us safe. 

The location in the trailer suggests that the map of the game would represent the Galwan Valley location, which has currently been the subject of dispute between India and China. Enemy soldiers have been dressed as Chinese soldiers, and the heroes, being our very own Indian soldiers, will fight a deadly battle till the last zone (just like PUBG).

The last team standing wins the match. Players will be landed viz. choppers rather than a gigantic carrier plane, which is shown in most multiplayer battle royale games. 

PUBG represented 1-2 hand-to-hand combat moves, but FAU-G is bringing in a wide range of hand-to-hand moves, which also includes knife fights. Gunfights remain the same with a wide variety of weapons available here too.

The game FAU-G has been developed by nCore Games that is an up and coming Bengaluru-based game development company.

The very idea of this game is a stellar answer to China that India can depend on herself to manufacture products rather than using Chinese products. In an interview with The Mako Reactor, Gondal said,

And in the Galwan Valley Mode, it’s a single-player as well a cooperative multiplayer because I believe nobody would want to take the side of the enemies here. So the concept is really about you experiencing what happened in Galwan Valley

In the same interview, Ganesh Hande also added,

There is a bit of an exploration element to it. At the same time, you will go through guided maps where you will be facing enemy camps, and you’re expected to go through them with the skills and melee weapons provided for you

The game will include microtransactions as well and will be launched for both iOS and Android platforms. Rest assured, we at MediaScrolls will keep you posted with any updates we get. Till then, keep your fingers crossed and wait for the beast to release.