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Dr. Disrespect Might Switch To Streaming in Facebook Gaming. Here is What We Know

Dr. Disrespect, probably the most famous streamer globally, recently unveiled that he might switch to Facebook for streaming. 

Dr. Disrespect recently shared this information while playing with his buddy ZLaner that he might shift to Facebook gaming for streaming. Also, he stated that it would take around 7 to 8 figure deal to make him switch from Youtube to Facebook. 

The main reason why Dr. D is thinking of taking this decision is that since his streaming channel’s views have been low for some time and after he got banned from Twitch, the news is now coming that Facebook has shown interest in a deal with him.

After being banned from Twitch, Dr. Disrespect now has been streaming on YouTube channel mainly using his ‘Champions Club’ by showcasing his skills in various games such as Call of Duty: Cold War, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fall Guys, and his famous ‘Triple Threat’ challenges and many more. 

Most of the time, he streams solo. Previously on his streaming channel, we have also seen some famous streamers, such as one of our very own ScoutOp (Tanmay Singh), ZLancer (Zack Lane), and a few others. 

In one of his streams with Zlancer (A Facebook game streamer), Dr. D revealed that he would switch to Facebook gaming if Facebook makes the right deal with him. Further, Dr. Disrespect asked Zlancer what would be a fair deal for him to switch from Youtube Streaming to Facebook Stream? 

Here is the Video Clip: Watch it from 7: 15 Seconds

In reply, ZLancer said a seven to eight-figure deal would be suitable; Dr. Disrespect and Dr. Disrespect responded that it should be a minimum 8 figure deal; else, he won’t switch to Facebook for streaming. Later on, Dr. Disrespect added that he is worth a 40 million dollar contract from Facebook for the switch. 

As of now, various reports are coming that Facebook Gaming is willing to offer more than 40 million USD for the deal. That will be much more than Shroud and Ninja’s original Mixer Contract. Shroud and Ninja were offered 30 million and 10 million dollars from Mixer before their unfortunate shut down, so if this deal happens between Dr. Disrespect and Facebook Gaming, it will be a huge one. Still, neither Doc confirmed the news, nor it has been made official by Facebook as well. 

But still, because Dr. Disrespect has not signed an exclusive deal with YouTube, so as a result, this move from Youtube to Facebook is within the range of possibilities. That is all the updates we have on Dr. Disrespect’s recent move. If you want to stay updated with more of such gaming and tech-related news, keep following MediaScrolls.

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