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Unsolved Mysteries Season 2: Top Theories About Jennifer Fairgate’s Case

  • Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 official released on Netflix

  • Volume 2 features 6 new episodes

  • Episode 2 is titled ‘Death in Oslo’

  • A mysterious case with several theories but no answers

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The Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 just dropped on Netflix a few days ago, and fans are already hooked on to some of the cases. The second volume dropped with six new cases, and each of them has been highly riveting. We know for a fact that fans will be searching about the cases of The Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2, and we have dug out some new facts about the second case. 

The Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 Episode 2, titled ‘Death in Oslo,’ has sparked up a serious debate among the netizens. The case featured an unidentified woman named ‘Jennifer Fairgate’ who checked in a hotel in Olso, Norway, back in 1995 but never checked out. She died mysteriously, and her case has yet to see its closure.

The internet is full of different deep and intriguing theories regarding her death that will make you ponder on what could have actually happened. With each new day, new updates are surfacing up, and we have brought some of the most bone-chilling theories behind Jennifer Fairgate’s death. 

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 Episode 2 Theories About Jennifer Fairgate

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 Jennifer Fairgate's sketch
Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 Jennifer Fairgate’s sketch (via Netflix)

The name Jennifer Fairgate is the alias of the woman involved in the case, and the officials are yet to discover her real identity. The co-creator of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Season 2, Terry Meurer, revealed some key points. In the interview with The Wrap, referring to Jennifer’s sketch, Meurer said that somebody would recognize the victim.

He said, “We just believe that someone is going to recognize this woman’s face, even though it’s just a sketch of her.” The alias name was fake, and the police couldn’t find any documents (passport, credit card, etc.) that could reveal her true identity. 

Ever since the incident, the Olso Plaza Hotel case has continued to trouble the officials, and without any leads, things are getting more complicated.

You can watch the official trailer of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 below.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2: Fairgate’s killing was a covert task / A mysterious Belgian man, Mr. F, might have a connection to the incident

According to one theory, the unidentified woman was executed and was a part of a covert mission. In the episode, Norwegian Intelligence Service’s Ola Kaldager said, “The registration number was removed from the weapon. Marks were taken away from clothing,” which she referred to as a ‘normal procedure’ in her line of work. 

In a separate Reddit thread, ‘Mr. F’ (referred to as) could have some involvement in the Olso case. Mr. F is a Belgian man who stayed in the next room to Jennifer’s, but he claimed that he was unaware of her the night she died. He said that he learned about the incident during his checkout. 

Although claiming innocent, he started acted strangely when pressed hard by Wegner. The fact that he soon started ignoring Wegner entirely and the police never investigated him seems unnatural. 

Fairgate, a possible victim of trafficking

Another interesting theory regarding the Olso case and this one adds a more horrific tone to the overall incident. If we believe the hotel receptionist, Fairgate, wasn’t alone the day she checked into the hotel. According to the receptionist, she was with a man who went along with her to her room. 

The theory states that the man was in charge of her movements, and Fairgate was being trafficked. Things went out of hands, and the man killed her, or it might have happened that she killed herself to become free.

A suspicious newspaper from Room Number 2816 

The next theory suggests that Fairgate’s killer was staying in room number 2816. The officials found a newspaper labeled 2816 in Fairgate’s room. Fairgate stayed in room 2805, which led to the theory that the person staying in room 2816 might be the real killer. Just like the other ones, the official doesn’t have any proof regarding this theory. Also, the identity of the person staying in 2816 remains hidden to date.

Despite all the theories, the officials have no clue which could help them with the investigation. Meurer expressed that someone who knows her should come forward and contribute. The victim belonged to a family who is still looking for answers.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 2 came with six additional episodes on Netflix on 19th October 2020. All the episodes are available on the streaming platform, so check them out if you haven’t already. 

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