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Deca Dence Season 2: Release Date, Renewal Updates, Production Details and Updates

Deca Dence Season 2 Release date had all the fans extremely excited about it. The Japanese Anime series is developed by NUT and was first premiered back on July 8, 2020. After the successful completion of season 1 now the series has been revived for a second season.

The anime series was first announced in 2019 by Kadokawa, and it is the first original anime work by NUT. NUT is known for delivering an anime adaptation of Saga of Tanya the evil. After the successful completion of Deca Dence season 1, the anime series has now officially been renewed for a second season. The season 2 production is all set to go on the floors by early 2021.

Deca Dence Season 2: What is the Renewal Status

As of June 2021, the anime is not yet been renewed for a second season. At the end of season 1, which aired back in September 2021, the production house didn’t hint anything about season 2 renewal.

But we will have to remember that the anime is not based on any manga, so there isn’t any original content for this; that is why maybe the studio is taking time to announce anything related to the second season. However, evaluating the first season of Deca Dence, we can say that the series ended on a good note and gave all answers to the audience. Therefore, in terms of the possibility of season 2, the series doesn’t leave much open for renewal.

But based on the popularity of the series, which looks pretty positive for an anime that was just on the first season. As per the data by Myanimelist data, we saw that the anime had a sufficient number of disc sales on Average 4000 plus. But it somehow declined 2,500 – 3,000 during 2020 sales, so based on those facts, we can state that the anime had a reasonably good response, so based on that, we can say that the anime had every chance of getting a renewal.

Deca Dence Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

Deca Dence Season 2 might arrive by Mid- 2021 or by the end of 2022. After the successful completion of season 1, the fans have become impatient as they cannot wait to get a piece of season 2. 

But as of now, we have not received any updates from NUT on Deca Dence Season 2’s release. The main question is when the season 2 production will start as NUT is notable for his adaptation of the novel Saga of Tanya the evil. So Deca Dence might get delayed a bit, but we will guess that the Deca Dence season 2 will release sometime in mid-2021 or 2022 end. We will keep you updated if we receive any further announcements on Deca Dence Season 2. 

Deca Dence Plot: What is this about?

Many years after humanity came brink to its extension as the air pollution has now reached lethal levels. They were now also being threatened by the emergence of life forms known as Gadoll, destroying 90% of the world’s population.

 Large organizations have now developed cyborgs to carry out human functions. Still, later on, the cyborgs now started to outnumber the humans, and the Solid Quake corporation now acquired rights to manage the whole of humanity. 

The company has created a giant dome in the Eurasian region. They installed a colossal entertainment facility called Deca-dence, with its independent all-governing system to make all decisions. The cyborg residents could then safely experience the adventure as human avatars at Deca Dence without the risk of real injury.

And in the Deca-dence facility, the lowly Tanker girl, Natsume, whose dream is to become a Gear warrior following her father’s demise during one of the Gadoll attacks. 

She has now been assigned to a maintenance team led by Kaburagi, whom she finds is more than he appears. Kaburagi has a secret role in reducing “bugs,” humans who try to endanger Solid Quake’s operations. When Kaburagi finds that Natsume is listed as dead in the company database, he chooses to keep her under investigation and offers to train her to fight.

Deca Dense Season 2 Renewed for a Season 2 after the successful completion of Season 1
Deca Dense Season 2 Renewed for a Season 2 after the successful completion of Season 1

Deca Dence Cast and Characters

In season 2 of Deca Dense, we might see some new inclusion in the cast, but the prominent members are expected to remain the same. Here is the complete list of the voice actors and their characters whom we can expect to return in season 2: Natsume Voiced by Tomori Kusunoki(Japanese) and Trina Nishimura(English), Kaburagi Voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi(Japanese) and Gabe Kunda(English), Fei Voiced by Mei Shibata for Japanese and Dani Chambers for English, Kurenai Voiced by Eri Kitamura(Japanese) and Morgan Garrett(English)

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Deca-Dence English Dubbed: Where to Watch it Online?

If you haven’t watched the previous season of Deca Dence, then we can help you out with that; you can refer to Funimation and Hulu to watch season 1 of Deca Dence with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Deca Dence Season 2: Is there a Trailer? 

As we wait for the release of Deca Dence Season 2, you can go and watch the previous season of Deca Dence; the show is available on Netflix and Hulu. And if we receive any further updates on the release date of Deca Dence Season 2, we will keep you posted. Till then, enjoy the season 1 trailer. Here it is:

Deca Dense Season 1 Trailer

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