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Justin Bieber x Crocs to release tomorrow
Justin Bieber's new yellow crocs (courtesy: InStyle)

Crocs x Justin Bieber Release Date, Price and All You Need to Know

  • Justin Bieber collaborated with Crocs for his new yellow-themed crocs inspired by his clothing brand, Drew house

  • The crocs will be available on Crocs’ official website from 12 PM ET on October 12, 2020

  • Only Limited Quantities are available

  • The price is estimated to be $59.99

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The imminent Crocs x Justin Bieber is only a few hours away, and we can sense that you can’t wait to grab a pair for yours. The year 2020 has been weird so far; as far as things go, we witnessed many things that we never thought would be even possible. 

Memes with the tagline ‘it’s 2020, anything can happen,’ are flooding the internet, and now crocs are on the rise again. Crocs are fun, alright, but the new additions of the celeb collaborated crocs have up the ante. 

The likes of Bad Bunny Crocs, KFC crocs, the Peeps-themed crocs were very successful. Keeping that in mind, Beiber x Crocs is gearing up to emulate the same results. 

Now, looking at the craze of the upcoming Justin Bieber yellow crocs, you might have several questions, such as: ‘When is Justin Bieber x crocs’ release date?’ or ‘what might be the price of Bieber’s yellow crocs?’ 

Crocs x Justin Bieber Release Date: When will it launch?

Justing Bieber x Crocs on the way
Justin Bieber x Crocs on the way

Worry not, as we have gathered all the information that you’re looking for. The Crocs x Justin Bieber collaboration has got everyone excited, and ever since he revealed the first look at them on 6th October, fans went gaga over it. 

Bieber explained that he wears crocs all the time, and being an artist, it’s vital for him to be true to himself. So he designed his own yellow-themed crocs. 

Justin Bieber x Crocs will arrive on October 13, and it will be available from midnight ET. Bieber themed it personally so that it reflects his lifestyle. The official tweet from Crocs read:

#JBxCrocs with @drewhouse available tomorrow, 12 PM ET. @justinbieber

The yellow crocs are designed with eight Jibbitz charms (custom) and come fully decorated with the name ‘Drew,’ smileys, pizzas, and sun, which are detachable. 

Justin Bieber posted the pictures of his yellow crocs on his Instagram account, which has now gone viral. With over 1 million likes, you can already tell that they are in high demand.

What is the price of Justin Bieber’s Yellow Crocs?

You can buy the Crocs x Justin Bieber with Drew clogs on the official website of Crocs. You can follow the link to go to their landing page and check the timer. 

The fashion brand is yet to remove the curtain on the price of the yellow-themed crocs; however, according to rumors, it might cost around $59.99 a pair. Although this is a rumor, we will come to know that only when it officially launches, so take that with a pinch of salt.

The official website also highlights ‘Quantities Limited,’ so you might have to be very alert and place your order quickly before it sells out. The previous Bad Bunny crocs’ didn’t take more than a few minutes to sell out, so we expect the same to happen this time as well. Bad Bunny’s glow-in-the-dark-themed approach made it very attractive, and with the hype around Drew x Bieber crocs, we highly doubt the stock to fill up soon.


The news of Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Drew house surprised many, and fans are already eyeing to grab the newest pair of his yellow-themed crocs that will launch on October 13, 2020, at 12 PM ET on the official website of crocs. According to the official description, inspired by Drew house, the classic clog comes with its yellow color along with the color, Jibbitz charms, ‘designed to match the good vibes and laid-back style of Justin himself.’

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